All That Remains Guitarist’s Widow Fights Back At Drowning Investigation – Says She’s A Suspect Because She’s A Witch!

Buckle up, this is a wild case!

For years now, the death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert has remained a mystery. The rocker passed away under somewhat mysterious circumstances nearly 4 years ago, causing many to point their fingers at his wife, Beth Herbert. Why? Mainly we’d think because she had Oli redo his will just one week before his death. But she’s also been accused of casting dark spells against him! Yes, because she’s a witch…

There are also murmurs of a mystery woman named Penelope — who no one can seem to track down — that supposedly attacked the musician in a similar manner to his death. So, what’s going on here? And is Beth to blame? Is she being unfairly targeted?

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Against the advice of her legal team amid an ongoing criminal investigation, the widow is finally opening up about all the speculation in an attempt to clear her name. But is she just making this all the more mysterious?!

Oli’s Death

Speaking to on Thursday, Beth recalled her husband’s last moments. As some may remember, the celebrated guitarist was found dead on October 16, 2018, lying face-down in a pond near his Stafford Springs, Connecticut home. Apparently, he used to head to the shallow pond at the edge of their property regularly, Beth shared:

“Oli used to come down here day and night. This is where he’d stop by and talk to the girls he met on the road, after he stopped being a good husband.”

Oh. Huh. No wonder her attorney doesn’t want her to give interviews, she’s coming out the gate revealing a motive: cheating!

He reportedly entered the pond “somewhere after 11 pm on October 15, 2018.” Beth had already gone to bed that evening, she said. Her husband, 44 at the time, hadn’t been feeling well earlier in the night. They had stood in their yard together about 130 feet away from the pond, she noted:

“He was out of it. I had to lead him back to the house several times that evening.”

They went back inside at about 9 pm Beth then went upstairs to bed, but because they were on the outs romantically (Oli had declared he wanted a divorce, according to Beth and his friends), he usually slept in the couch in his home studio . On their last moment together, she said:

“I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he said, ‘No, I just want to sit here and listen to the wind blowing through the trees.’ The last thing he said before I went up to bed was, ‘Thank you, I love you.’”

She says she woke up during the night and heard some bumping downstairs — but didn’t think much of it. But the next morning everything had changed. She recalled:

“When I got up in the morning, he wasn’t there.”

She went looking for him inside the house, but he didn’t turn up. She didn’t report him missing until that afternoon, at which point police quickly found him in the water, downhill from the house.

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The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Farmington, Connecticut, determined the cause of death was drowning, but they left the manner as “undetermined.” An autopsy report also showed that he had three prescription drugs in his system – the antipsychotic olanzapine, the antidepressant citalopram, and Ambien. It also showed that his “past medical history [was] Reportedly significant for marijuana use.” Beth claims she was unaware of his prescription drug use. There were also no obvious signs of foul play. Hmm.

The Will

As police try to figure out this case, one factor many true crime junkies have found suspicious is the fact that Beth and Oli redid their will just one week before this tragedy occurred — and, most innerestingly, the rock star left EVERYTHING to his wife. Even though they were on the outs?? He was even specifically noted that his sister should not get anything. Wow! On all this speculation, Beth declared:

“We loved each other, we trusted each other and we were husband and wife, despite everyone else doing whatever they could break us up.”

She also claimed that a friend had recently died, sparking them to update their wills.

“We were leaving each other everything, including making each other beneficiaries of each other’s life insurance policies.”

But, as mentioned, the couple was supposedly discussing a divorce, making the fact that Oli left everything to Beth seem strange to his inner circle. His friend Drew Johnston launched the Justice for Oli campaign shortly after his death, calling out the wife as a main suspect. He told the outlet:

“I was doing everything I could get him out of the grips of that lady. She’s the reason none of us have any closure yet.”

Many supporters also use the hashtag #BurnTheWitch when discussing the matter. Yeesh.

Mystery Woman Penelope

So, if Beth claims she isn’t responsible, does she think it was an accident? Suicide? Not necessarily. There’s someone else to consider…

This brings us to Penelope, a woman who apparently showed up in the couple’s backyard one evening when they were looking for one of their dogs. She only introduced herself with her first name and offered to help, Beth recalled:

“Penelope was weaving in and out of the bushes. She told us her name. Oli said he did not know her. I was like, who the hell is that?”

“She told me, ‘I’m Penelope, and I heard you guys calling for your dog and came to help.’”

Even more odd? Rather than help, she supposedly attacked Oli:

“So the three of us were supposed to look for the dog, but she was watching, not helping. She stared at us. I heard movement, thought it was the dog. Then all of a sudden Penelope pushes him over the ledge. Then she ran off.”

The musician was “wicked messed up when this happened,” left with scrapes and bruises after the fall. He later went to the cops about the incident. Huh. So Beth wasn’t the only witness to see Penelope. Unfortunately, nothing much happened considering no one could track down the mystery woman. Beth explained:

“They (police) thought maybe she had something to do with his death, but they can’t find her.”

So, so strange… When asked if she was Penelope, she responded:

“Police accused me of being Penelope and pushing him. But I was like – how can I split myself in two?”


This brings us to one of the most discussed aspects of the case: Beth’s witchcraft. She openly describes herself as a practicing witch, but she believes religion cops are trying to use her against her, she said:

“The police department tried to get an arrest warrant based on witchcraft, saying I was casting black spells on him and slipping him drugs.”

They weren’t able to do so, something she thinks helps prove her innocence, she added:

“But if they could have fabricated something for me to be arrested for, it would have happened long ago.”

But the police seem to have reason to be wary of her witchcraft. According to friend Wendy Skriverwho notarized the will and had a complex relationship with the couple, Beth did involve her husband in some concerning spells:

“She had an altar room and she had burned pictures of Oli in a coffin, a real box shaped like a coffin.”

Wendy befriended Beth after allegedly having an affair with the guitar player, according to Beth at least. Wendy claims it was only platonic and that they did not sleep together! And that’s not all the friend is spilling. As they bonded, she says Beth revealed some disturbing details of her marriage, explaining:

“She started telling me, ‘Oli’s on drugs, Oli’s abusive, he’s a mess, he doesn’t give me any money, he doesn’t pay for the house. There’s no heat, no hot water.”

After Oli’s death, she even drove Beth to a psychiatric hospital amid an emotional breakdown. At some point, Beth allegedly told her:

“This plan is going great.”

HUH?! Plan??

Shocked and confused, she responded:

“I slammed my hand on the table and was like, ‘Really?’ What plan? Why would you say something like that?”’”

She later told police about the interaction and she has since become “star witness for the prosecution.” As mentioned, the investigation is ongoing, so we’ll have to wait and see if authorities can get to the bottom of all of this. It’s certainly a unique case! Innerestingly, Beth now wants to move out of her home and to somewhere fresh — and by fresh we mean olde. Specifically Salem, Massachusetts! She fitted:

“Let them hashtag ‘burnthewitch’ there.”

So much to process here — and there’s even more to the story. Read her full interview HERE. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Does this give you any clarity on the rumors surrounding Oli’s death? Or does it just make you more suspicious? Sound OFF (below)!

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