‘Jay’s behavior is truly gross and he’s fast becoming the villain of Love Island’

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What a week it’s been.

I really thought things were going well between Ekin-Su and Jay at the start of last week. He told her that the recoupling “made me realise I have genuine feelings because I thought, if you go, I’d go.” Ekin-Su agreed. Tasha told Andrew the same thing – both parties very clearly teaching us here that you can’t believe a word anybody says in that villa, because those statements did not seem to stand for either of them by the end of the week.

By Wednesday, Jay had decided that he has a thing for Paige, not Ekin-Su. He hadn’t bothered to have one conversation with Paige since he entered the villa, but that didn’t put him off. I was furious watching this all play out.

Jay has expressed an interest in Paige

Paige was happily coupled up with Jacques, they’d had a great time together in the hideaway – though the double standards for sexiness were starkly shown here as she dressed up in sexy lingerie whilst Jacques stuck on a white vest and briefs that looked like something your dad would pick up in M&S.

Nonetheless, they were happy, and it was going well, until Jay selfishly decided that he wanted to explore things with Paige.

He didn’t check with Paige first whether she was also up for it, he didn’t acknowledge and respect the fact that she was very happy with Jacques. He did nothing that indicated that he genuinely liked her and respected her feelings at all.

Instead, he went to Jacques first to ask for his permission to talk to Paige. HE ASKED A MAN FOR PERMISSION TO TALK TO A WOMAN INSTEAD OF ASKING THE WOMAN HERSELF.

I think that tells us everything we need to know about Jay.

Jacques granted him permission on the basis that it would act as a test, if Paige came back to him after talking to Jay it would solidify their relationship in Jacques mind. But his response was not what Paige needed.

Paige was previously happily coupled up with Jacques
Paige was previously happily coupled up with Jacques

She needed him to tell Jay that they were strong and that he would rather he didn’t move to her. Paige wanted Jacques to say: ‘Let’s be exclusive’ or ‘It would really hurt me to see you talking to Jay’. Because he didn’t say those things and instead told her to “Go do your thing, any lad that comes in here I’ll tell them go do your thing.”

This left Paige feeling completely rejected by Jacques, it made her feel like perhaps they weren’t as strong as she had thought they were. She was incredibly upset. It was difficult to watch her distress in the diary room.

But when Jacques walked in to find her crying, she brushed over it and refused to tell him why she was upset. I was screaming at the TV for her to just tell him how she felt. It was such a clear visual representation of how important communicating your feelings is.

The fact that she didn’t feel able to may well be an indication that they’re not as good together as it may appear.

Despite Paige being totally consumed with Jacques and uninterested in Jay, she didn’t feel at any point that she could just say no to Jay. If this is because the producers don’t give you that option, then they are giving out a dangerous message to young people.

Paige has found herself in a love triangle in recent episodes
Paige has found herself in a love triangle in recent episodes

Paige should have just said no I’m falling in love with Jacques, and I don’t want this. Her ability to stand up for herself was hampered by Indiyah advising her that she thought Jacques would give someone else a shot if they walked in, so she should explore things with Jay. Proof that sometimes our friends aren’t always giving us the best advice.

The fact that Jay then went on to choose Paige to recouple with, knowing full well that she was only talking to him out of politeness is truly gross. It’s arrogant and selfish. I don’t know if he is trying to become the villain of the villa to maximise his column inches, or whether he is just arrogant and selfish, either way, he’s somehow made me support Jacques – a man who dated a 16-year- old when he was 20.

I think Love Island is making me lose my mind.

Antigoni and Charlie entered the villa at the end of the week. Antigoni seems lovely, a real girls girl and I’m pleased she was picked up by Davide so that we can see more of her, though I think that Danica was treated in an extremely confusing way by him with that kiss.

Jay had previously told Ekin-Su that he had 'genuine feelings' for her
Jay had previously told Ekin-Su that he had ‘genuine feelings’ for her

Charlie took Tasha and Ekin-Su on a date but eventually picked Ekin-Su to couple up with, which was surprising because he made a couple of weird sly digs on the date. He interjected twice while she was talking about her attraction to him with ‘Because I’ve got a pulse’ & ‘You’ll take anything you can get.’

Ekin-Su is playing the game and she’s playing it well, the boys have displayed some double standards by making it seem like it’s unreasonable for Ekin-Su to do that, whilst saying nothing about Davide flitting between women.

After Davide’s surprise kiss with Danica the girls told her that the fact that he kissed her meant something – a reminder that we shouldn’t place meaning on kisses from f***boys who talk about themselves in the third person (I do like Davide though, despite all this).

Tasha and Andrew's relationship appears to be on the rocks
Tasha and Andrew’s relationship appears to be on the rocks

Sunday’s episode saw Paige telling Jay that the door is still open and that she is enjoying chatting to him in bed. So, to be honest, I’m completely confused, and I don’t know what is going on. Especially as Andrew and Tasha appear to be falling apart and Gemma and Luca can barely be seen anymore after it literally being the Gemma show for two weeks.

Dami and Indiyah appear to be our only hope for stability now, after that lovely first date I don’t think I’ll cope if Damiyah don’t survive.

Red and Pink Flags Of The Week:

  • Jay is obviously the biggest red flag of the week. He doesn’t care about Paige’s feelings at all.
  • Jacques telling Paige that he can’t show emotions should be a HUGE red flag to her.
  • Tasha is playing games with Andrew who has waved nothing but green flags.
  • When Luca told Tasha to say ‘Oh they’ve been talking for a while’ to Ekin Su to ‘Get in Ekin Su’s head’ when Jay and Gemma were having a chat. The desire to ‘get into someone’s head’ and make them feel paranoid is bizarre.
  • Luca was asked to pick three islanders to make his ideal date, he picks Gemma’s face, Paige’s body and Jacques personality. He did it in a cheeky way, but it tells us so much.
  • Charlie after his date with Tasha says that “she is a tough nut to crack but I will still persist” as she tells him she is happy with Andrew. If someone says they aren’t interested, leave it – seeing it as a challenge is disrespectful.
  • Ekin-Su talks to Charlie once – as he leaves the room she says – ‘Yay, someone who understands me’ – Ekin is a good lesson to us all in not moving too fast with our feelings. Nobody can understand you after one 5-minute conversation

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