Julia Fox Explains Who She didn’t Consider

Julia Fox Is Opeing up about which she is defense Amber Heard Amid Her Defamation Trial with Johnny DeppAnd her Latest Comments are bound to Incite some heated Convertations!

If you debny Know, Kanye WestAquaman Star on Instagram Amid During the Trial, Recordings Reveled Aber Admitted to Hitting the Actor During One of their Many Alished Conformations. At the time, the Uncut Gems Star Argued Aber Hitting Johnny Was Not Abuse Becuse, in Her Opinion, He Held More Power in the Relantship. She wrote in a Sink-endeted post:

“Did She Hit Him? Yes. Was it abuse? No. You need to have just to be Able to abide it. She was 25. He Clearly Was Always Way More PowerFul Including Physically and Financially. ”

She is on to Claim Johnny Was “Still Controlling [Amber’s] Life by Sugh Her All Over the World. ” Not only was the Italian-american Beauty of the Mark (Abuse of Power and Abuse can be twivarent things as Both Partners in a RelacesHip can be Abusive to the Other), but she is left a ton of Backlash.

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It was also a fairly Uncommon Take on the Trial, Especially Considering the Jury Largely Sided with the Pirates of the Caribbean Star Over Claims Aber Defamed Him in a 2018 Washington Post OP-Ed. Despite The Results of the Court Case and the Internet’s Harsh Reaction to Her Defense, Julia is Standing by Her Opinion. On Tuesday’s Episode of Emily Ratajowski‘s podcast High LowThe 32-Year-ID Insced “None of Us Are Safe” Following the Court’s Ruling. Emily First Brung Up the Topic by Praising Julia’s Decision to Stick up for amber, says:

“I Wanna Talk to You About Standing Up for Amber Heard Becuse I Just Though that was real incredible…”

Julia Responded:

Thank you, that was Crazy! I feel there is a moving on TikTok Regarding Aber and Johnny When People Read All The Documents, Like A Backtrack, But Still The Damage is Done. I did have to say something because if it could happen to Amber Heard who is a white, blonde, beautiful, successful actress — because people say she had no career before him, she had over 10 movies, I think — none of us are safe . I just Feel Compelled to Say Something. Guys, you don’t realize, this is going to Damage Humanity, All of the Women in the World Are Going to Suffer from this. “

Wow …

She CLEARLY ISNTEGING HER TUNE, But She Did Acknowledge How Complex Abusive Relaceships Can Be, Adding:

“Abuse is so Insidious and skettes you don’t even know you’re beING aboused and skettes you don’t what to see you all age a victim and you try to be tough and file back and say ‘we figh out only.” It’s like bitch, we know he who brids your f ** king ass.

A bit of a harsh way to put it! There are so many remons some might not Expose their Abuser – where is the becuse them fees for their safety, world About Retribution, or cannot fully procese what is Happy to say. But this is apparently which Julia Found it so Important to Speak Openly in the Zombieland Star’s Defense, She Explained:

“I always stand up for Women in a situation becuse i’ve been there and I know how Lonly it is. I know how scary it is when People You’ve Been Looking at Your Whole Life Are Looking at You Funny, IT’s Like, ‘I Not A Liar.’ Call me any in the book but I not a liar. ”

Emily Went on to Slam “The Way People Turned [Amber] INTO This Hysterical Character “Through the Trial, Largely on Social Media, with Julia Rutorting:

“I KNOW, it’s f ** Ked Up.”

Following the Weeks-Long Trial, Amber Was Orded to Pay Her Ex-HusBand $ 10.35 Million While She was Awarded $ 2 Million for Her Counsuitit. Both Celebs Have Filed An Appness, so their Legal Issues Continue. In the Meantime, The Actress is SAID to Be in Europe Focusing on Raising Her 18-MONH-ILD DAGHER Oongh.

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Interestly, Emily and Julia – Who Each have one child – Believe Parenting is the Next Best Way to Combat Toxic Masculinity and Potential Abuse in the Future. Emily Shares a 1-year-id son, SylpsterWith Her Ex-HusBand Sebastian Bear-MCCLARD. (They Split Earlier This Year Over Cheating Aligations. ValentinoWith her ex Peter artemiev. Emily Reveled She is trying to “BALANCE” Sylpster’s Obsssion with Toy Trucks by Mixing in Toys Normally Targeted at Girls. Despite How “Excited”

“But is this just what he likes naturally?”

The 31-year-long on to say it is the makes her “so sad” to think about her Little Boy Being Pressord to “Toughn Up” as heats Older. She Continued:

“I’m like, are Those the Little Ways You Can Start Makeing Sure the Conditioning Doesn’t Happy? And Spending A Lot of Time Around Women? ”

Julia’s Done The Same Thing With Her Son, Buying Valentino A Pink Truck and A “Little Stroller with a Doll in It.” Expressing Similar Worlds, She MUUUSED:

“IT’s hard as a single mom, raging a son, you just don’t will them to end up like every single guy you’ve ever met, you know? How do I Stop this Conditioning from Occurring? ”

Earlier this year, email Told Interview Magazine she was trying to Raise her baby in a “genderless” way so he will not be Influeced to act a cortain way – but she was struging to get out to do the night:

“Babies have this generation Quality to them, and so I Love Affording that to Him Right Now. It’s just been treating his as this Wonderful Little Human Who’s Being Introduced to the World.

She Continued:

“Sometimes I Feel Frustrated by that Because I Think The agel a tendency to throw a little box in the Air, be a little bit rougher with them? That Stuff Already Boths Me Becuse I can see where it’s lending. ”

IT’s Certainly A Vere Interesting Perspective. It’s good to know them are trying to create real -ord change for the Next Generation, but do you Agree with thems comments about amber? Is it not Abuse if you’re also the alleged Victim? Let us know your thoughs on this Hot Topic (beow)!

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