Real Housewives star Hanna Kinsella introduces baby and unveils her unusual name

Welcoming a newborn into the world with a 15-month-old already in the mix was never going to be easy – but it sounds like Real Housewives Of Cheshire stars Hanna and Martin Kinsella have taken it all in their stride.

“The house has been absolute madness,” Hanna laughs as we catch up after our exclusive shoot. “It’s been full-on and we’re shattered but I’ve been feeling good and we’re just so in love with her.”

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The couple welcomed their beautiful baby girl via planned C-section at 12.52pm on 6 May. She weighed in at 7lb 3oz, and her name, Kimia Rose, was inspired by Hanna’s heritage.

“It’s an ancient Persian name,” she explains. “I’m Persian and my parents are both from an Iranian background.

“It means unique or rare, and it also means alchemy or the philosopher’s stone, so it has a lovely meaning behind it.”

The cosmetic dentist, who runs her own clinic, continues, “My mum was reading an ancient Persian poetry book and one of the characters was called Kimia, and I remember thinking, ‘That’s such a beautiful name and very unusual.'”

Cosmetic doctor Martin, who has clinics in the UK and Majorca, says, “Hanna was so happy we had a girl because she’s got to use that name. When we had Max, if he was a girl we were going to call him Kimia. Hanna really wanted a daughter.”

“And now I’ve got her I feel very lucky,” adds Hanna. “She’s a little dreamboat and we’re blessed to have one of each.”

Hanna and Martin Kinsella have exclusively introduced their newborn daughter Kimia Rose
Hanna and Martin Kinsella have exclusively introduced their newborn daughter Kimia Rose

Kimia is a sibling for the couple’s 15-month-old son Maximus James, who has been “so intrigued” by his little sister since her arrival.

“When we got home, Max came straight over to the car seat and just kept looking at her and stroking her,” gushes Hanna.

“He’s so gentle with her. He’s still so young but he understands that she’s a baby and she’s precious, and he can’t be rough with her,” adds Martin.

As for how their eldest has adjusted to having another little one around the house, Hanna tells us, “I think he does really feel the shift in attention. If I’m feeding her, he’ll come crawling over and put his head on my lap and try to get my attention. It must be strange for him. I feel sorry for him at the moment.”

“We’re trying to instil that she belongs to him as well,” adds Martin. “She’s not just mine and Hanna’s baby, she’s his sister, too. I always say to him he has to look after his little sister.”

Hanna opted for a C-section with her second child after having complications with her first labor.

“Last time, I had a non-progressive labor and my cervix didn’t open, and they said the same could happen this time,” explains the 34-year-old, who joined the Real Housewives franchise in 2018.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star gave birth last month via planned C-section
The Real Housewives of Cheshire star gave birth last month via planned C-section

“I was in labor for 18 hours and in a lot of pain with no progression. I didn’t want to go through that again. It felt like a very, very different experience this time.

“This time, the night before the section, Martin and I actually went for a romantic meal. We went to a place in Manchester called Australasia. It’s one of our favorite restaurants.

“It was lovely to have that quality time together, because it’s tough now.

“We also made a little playlist the night before, so we had that playing in the theater and it was just so chilled. The surgeons were just chatting to us and it was so weird, as the last time was a blur.”

However, Martin adds, “But it was almost more nerve-wracking this time, in a way, as you had more time to think about it.”

And his wife of almost three years agrees, replying, “Yeah, I was anxious as I knew exactly when it was going to happen. You’re more aware, so it’s scarier.

“The first time, I don’t remember the pulling and tugging as much. This time it felt like they were doing the washing up in my stomach! It was horrible!”

So, can they remember what song was playing when Kimia was born?

The couple admit there were tears when Kimia was born
The couple admit there were tears when Kimia was born

“It was a bit of a blur but we think it was Westlife’s Flying Without Wings! We went for some relaxing love songs and power ballads, like Prince’s Most Beautiful Girl In The World and Elton John’s The Way You Look Tonight, which was the song for our first dance.”

And Hanna admits there were some watery eyes when little Kimia arrived, saying, “We both shed a little tear. We both got dead emotional.”

“I cried just before she arrived,” adds Martin. “They lowered the drapes so we could actually see her being lifted out. Then I got to cut the cord, which was nice.”

Hanna continues, “They ask you before if you want the drapes lowering, so we said yes. It was a funny moment.

“I don’t think she was ready for the world when they pulled her out. Her eyes were shut and she was all scrunched up. She looked like a sparrow!

“She came out with this mop of jet-black hair, it looked like a wig and it was all spiked and in a side parting. The first thing Martin said was, ‘Oh my God, she looks like Kris Jenner!”

“It was so funny, her hair was perfectly in a side parting!” laughs Martin.

Doctor Martin thought their daughter looked just like momager Kris Jenner when she was born
Doctor Martin thought their daughter looked just like momager Kris Jenner when she was born

“She didn’t look like she was very happy to be here! But 24 hours later she was properly alert and she looked absolutely beautiful.”

And we couldn’t help but notice how remarkably fresh-faced Hanna looked at the snap she and Martin shared of themselves with Kimia just moments after she was born.

“It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?!” says Martin.

“Well, it was a lot different this time,” adds Hanna. “I had a blow-dry the day before and I was feeling all good. I could put a bit of mascara on and feel a bit human!”

But even though everything went to plan, Hanna admits her recovery has been “tougher” the second time around.

“It’s been hard,” she says. “I think because they had to go through scar tissue. I was up and about after a week but I haven’t been able to lift Max, which has been quite difficult.

“But this time around I’ve enjoyed it far more, I think because I’m a more confident mum and I know what I’m doing. The breastfeeding has gone a lot better and I haven’t been in pain with it.

The pair are also parents to son Maximus James, who is 15 months
The pair are also parents to son Maximus James, who is 15 months

“We also moved in with my parents for 10 days when I came out of hospital, which was brilliant. They were so hands-on and they helped us with Max and cooked for us. We kept calling it The Ritz!”

Filming for the 15th series of the Real Housewives Of Cheshire started earlier this year, so can we expect Hanna and her new addition to being making an appearance?

“We’ve actually done quite a lot of nice family scenes with me, Martin, Max and the baby,” says Hanna.

“The production team has been really supportive and said I can film as much or as little as I want to. All the housewives have met Kimia, apart from Rachel [Lugo], who wasn’t very well. We arranged a ‘Sip and See’.

“I think when things like this happen with us girls, we can argue and fall out but when it’s these big things in life, we all come together.

Hanna says her daughter is a "dreamboat"
Hanna says her daughter is a “dreamboat”

“Everyone has been lovely and sent flowers and gifts. Seema [Malhotra] bought her a really cute tutu outfit. It’s the girliest thing ever! And then I had some lovely blankets, cuddly toys and outfits.”

And Martin’s camerawork might also make an appearance next series, as the 32-year-old was on hand to film during Kimia’s birth.

“Martin was filming the procedure and he was like one of the production team!” laughs Hanna. “I was trying to get loads of content for them, as they asked me to. You could just see NHS staff running for cover away from the camera!” adds Martin.


In the past few years Housewives originals Dawn Ward and Tanya Bardsley have exited the popular ITVBe franchise, so we ask Hanna if we can expect to see some new faces this year.

“There’s definitely a new Housewife, she’s lovely,” she teases. “But we can’t give too much away. I think she’s going to bring a different dimension to the group, which is great. It’s very exciting to see how things unravel.”

And while chatting about the show, we can’t help but ask if Hanna has a future Housewife on her hands with little Kimia. “Oh God!” she laughs.

“We’ll see! If they do want to go into TV, we couldn’t say anything, as we’re on TV. If they’re anything like their mum and dad, they might well want to! If that’s what they wanted to do, we’d support them.”

The reality star admits that when she found out she was pregnant while Max was only eight months old, she wondered how she was going to cope with her busy work commitments – which include her teeth whitening business and skincare range.

The family admit their house has been chaotic with two under two
The family admit their house has been chaotic with two under two

But now her new addition is here, she says she’s been fortunate to have a lot of support.

“We’re very lucky that we have a lot of help around us with my parents and Martin’s parents.

“But I think when the realities of life start kicking in, like going back to work after six months and working on my businesses, that’s more when
I’ll feel it.

“I guess it’s about putting measures in place so you have that support, and Max is in nursery a few days a week now, so that will help me out. Martin has been spending a lot of time with him, too.”

And even though they have one of each and it sounds like they have their hands full, it doesn’t seem like Hanna and Martin will be stopping at two kids.

Hanna and Martin, who have been married for three years, aren't ruling out having more children
Hanna and Martin, who have been married for three years, aren’t ruling out having more children

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“We’ve always said we wanted a big family, so never say never,” smiles Hanna. “Although not any time soon! We need a bit of a break to raise these two and get them a little bit older.

“Maybe in a few years we’ll want another one – but not for a while.”

And Martin laughs,“I can’t face having another one at the moment!”

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