Black Firefighter Suing For Being Forced To Attend Racist-Themed Party

Jerrod Jones, a Black firefighter in Rochester, New York claims he was forced to go to a racist party by his supervisor, while on the clock. Jones was shocked when he entered the “Liberal Smashing, Splish Splash Pool Party.” He immediately noticed a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump at the door, Juneteenth flags displayed next … Read more

Queen Elizabeth Was Relieved Meghan Markle Did Not Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral!!

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II‘s dirty laundry is airing for all the world to see! It’s no secret Prince Harry‘s wife has had years of struggles with the royal family, but a new book is breaking down some of the key points of contention that ultimately led to Megxit! In Revenge: Meghan, Harry and … Read more