Season 6 Scoop On The 100th Episode & More – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: FOX The Resident kicked off season 6 with several developments in and out of the hospital. AJ, Leela, Padma, and Devon got wrapped up in a medical crisis with Padma’s twins. Meanwhile, we finally learned that Conrad is dating Cade after last season’s cliffhanger. More ‘The Resident’ News: HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE … Read more

Rhaenyra Marries Laenor In Bloody Episode 5 – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: HBO Daemon finally returns to the Vale to talk with his wife in name only, Lady Rhea Royce. It’s clear that the animosity between them is mutual, and she’s not afraid to push her estranged husband’s buttons. Rhea is pissed at Daemon, and rightfully so. More ‘House Of The Dragon’ News: … Read more

Gina & EJ Break Up In Season 3 Penultimate Episode – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: Disney+ In a scene that totally echoes when Bruce Bogtrotter stuffs his face with chocolate cake in Matildathe September 7 episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series begins with Ricky chowing down on pizza to try and mark another thing off his bucket list before he turns 18. More … Read more

Daemon Kills The Crabfeeder In Episode 3 – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: HBO In the aftermath of yet another fiery battle. The Crabfeeder continues to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Suddenly, Caraxes approaches, burning more of the battlfield. Daemon tries to lure the Crabfeeder out. The Crabfeeder’s men retaliate with fiery bows, so Daemon is forced to retreat with Caraxes. More ‘House Of … Read more