What is niacinamide and what are the skincare benefits? We ask the experts

Typical – just when we thought we’d finally figured out one beauty buzzword (“hyaluronic acid” certainly takes a few attempts to pronounce), another skincare super-ingredient pops up for us to get our heads – and tongues – around. Niacinamide is the latest word to be popping up everywhere on bottles in the beauty aisles, and, … Read more

7 common fake tan problem solved by the experts: From patchy hands to stained sheets

I have a love-hate relationship with self-tan. Love the undeniable pick-me-up it gives to skin, hate the time, effort, prep work, drying time, inevitable stained palms…the list goes on. When I CAN be bothered, despite the sizable amount of time in the bathroom slathering, rubbing and buffing, still very rarely do I get the flawlessly … Read more