Ashlyn Realizes She Has Feelings For Val – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: Disney+ Corbin Bleu and Channing make a surprise appearance at Camp Shallow Lake in the middle of the night. They wake Ricky, EJ, Carlos, and Jet up out of the blue (and very loudly) to announce that it’s time for Color War. When Kourtney shows up at the cabin, she declares, … Read more

Ricky Slaps EJ & Begins To Reveal His Feelings For Gina – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: Disney+ Gina is understandably mad at EJ for keeping his dad’s letter a secret from her. She says she’s going to talk to him after rehearsals but wants to focus on playing Anna at the moment. However, Gina wears her heart on her sleeve and anyone paying attention knows how she’s … Read more

EJ Lies To Gina & Ricky’s Feelings Are Called Out – Hollywood Life

Image Credit: Disney+ High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is one of the best shows on TV right now. This young cast doesn’t just sing. They all have incredible comedic timing. The writing on the show has never been better. I’m so glad this show is in our lives. MoreHigh School Musical Anyways, episode … Read more