It Was ‘Creepy’ Kissing Girls on ‘Boy Meets World’

Will Friedle and Rider Strong have countless Eric Matthews and Shawn Hunter moments to sit through while rewatching Boy Meets World for their new podcast, but there’s one aspect of their John Adams High experience that they’d rather not revisit. ‘Boy Meets World’ Cast: Where Are They Now? “Rider and I talk about one of … Read more

Crystal Maze hosts now – from starring with the Spice Girls to Hollywood blockbuster

With its unusal-yet-captivating premise of teams solving cryptic puzzles in make-believe worlds, The Crystal Maze has long been regarded as a real diamond of a game show. Launched in 1990, this family-favorite series proved a real hit, with us all gathering around the telly to cheer on players tasked with unlocking the titular crystals. To … Read more