Rhaenyra Marries Laenor In Bloody Episode 5 – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: HBO Daemon finally returns to the Vale to talk with his wife in name only, Lady Rhea Royce. It’s clear that the animosity between them is mutual, and she’s not afraid to push her estranged husband’s buttons. Rhea is pissed at Daemon, and rightfully so. More ‘House Of The Dragon’ News: … Read more

Rhaenyra Is Named Heir To The Iron Throne – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: HBO House of the Dragon begins when the Targaryens are at the height of their power. Visarys I Targaryen is now the King of the Seven Kingdoms after being named King Jaeherys I’s successor. Visarys went before the Great Council along with Princess Rhaenys, Jaeherys’ eldest descendant and the only other … Read more