Why No One Should ‘Bash’ ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Over Music – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: Shutterstock Tony Hawk‘s impact is undeniable; Millions of kids first got on their boards after watching him defy gravity while pioneering the art of skateboarding in the ’80s and ’90s. Yet, Tony’s influence on pop culture is more subtle but no less significant. This became quite apparent following the success of … Read more

‘Stranger Things’ Vecna’s Transformation Process Explained: Exclusive – Hollywood Life

View gallery Image Credit: Netflix The big Vicna reveal was just as epic as Stranger Things fans expected. In the final episode of Stranger Things season 4 Volume 1, Vecna ​​was revealed to be none other than Jamie Campbell Bower’s Henry Creel, aka One. Turns out, Vecna ​​wasn’t just created through CGI. This villain was … Read more